Everyone comes into the world and sustains wounding. In this course, we will be working to begin healing the wounds that lead to codependent behavior, addictive and obsessive patterns that keep so many of us locked in cycles of pain and unhappiness. Its time to finally let go love that hurts, pleasing the people around you, self-neglect and all of the other behaviors that hold you back from being the real, full, whole YOU that the world needs and desires!

In our ten weeks together, you'll be supported in healing not just your mind, body and soul but also your past and your future! In addition to the weekly didactics, journaling prompts, actionable assignments and meditations, you will also have five 40-minutes coaching calls to receive support and go deeper into your Self-study.

Course price: $555
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  • Cultivate a strong sense of who you are 
  • Deepen your connection to a Source of Power much greater than the sum of your parts 
  • Build balance and fine-tune your access to your intuition and your ability to execute its insights
  • Become clear about who you are, what you desire, the life you want to live AND your capacity to carry it out 
  • Learn how to maintain a consistently higher state of awareness and emotional buoyancy 
  • Practice curbing negative thought spirals and choosing your mental state 
  • Set habits and hold boundaries that serve your highest good 
  • Address painful memories and complete digestion on the traumatic residue you’ve carried since their occurrence 

Week 1: Holistic Mental Health Management

In this section, we address methods for coping with the common mental imbalances of depression and anxiety. We will learn about post-traumatic stress, how to come back to balance as well as have the opportunity to learn about “thinking traps” and create pattern interrupts. I week one, you will also have your first 40-minute coaching call where you will be outfitted with a customized yoga therapy sequence to support you, uniquely.

Week 2: Grief & How to Hold It

By week two, we will be exploring grief and the grieving process. We will also explore the window of tolerance and how to further open that window as well as the healing framework of forgiveness.

Week 3: Addressing the Pain

In this section of our course together, will begin to explore our coping mechanisms, why we get so “woo-woo” when it comes to the working with the nervous system, and expanding your window of tolerance. We will also make it a point in this chapter, to have some practice receiving and holding higher frequencies. This means that some of our work will be designed to help you capture your own personal triggers so we can begin to work them out. You second coaching call will be this week and you’ll be led through the process of somatic experiencing, a method of using your curiosity and awareness to move stuck energies and traumatic upsets out of your energy field.

Week 4 / 5: Pattern Identification

In sections 4 and 5, we will spend time using tools from cognitive behavioral therapy, practicing choosing our thoughts as well as exploring cognitive dissonance and how we can work with it. Do you have some unsavory patterns in your life that you’d like to overcome? In this section will be exploring why they’re there and how to move past them.

Week 6: Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine Energies

In section 6, we will begin to explore Jungian psychology and how we can bring our feminine energy and our masculine energy into perfect Harmony. We will begin to dive into the “shadow aspects” or our personality —those parts of us that were objectionable to our early caretakers — and begin to explore how our  feminine and masculine energy were impacted. You will have your third live coaching session this week and be supported in exploring and advocating for your inner child.

Week 7 / 8 / 9: Codependency

In sections 7 through 9, we will be exploring codependency including what codependency patterns we have, such as enabling, manipulating, or attempting to control or over-assuming responsibility. In week one of the section, we will explore our “then” relationships and the characters we played in other peoples stories. 

In week two of our codependency section, we will focus on our relationship to our self and building your life in a way that you would find fulfilling. We will learn about earning our own respect, interstates of trust and integrity as well as how to form good habits. 

Our third week of our codependency section will focus on our “now” relationships. We will explore attachment style and begin to identify what our relationships to other people are now and how we can strengthen ourselves to evolve within them. In this weeks coaching session, you will complete a deepest fear inventory and be supported around the releasing of these deep fears.

Week 10: Heeding Your Higher Self

In our tenth and final week together, we will begin to explore paths for stepping further onto the path to complete our soul’s mission and cultivating and investor’s mindset. This week you will also write the story of your hero or heroine’s journey as well as set up some SMART+ goals to structure and support your growth. You will have your final coaching call this week.

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