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I’m Jillian.

I am a vibrant, multi-faceted, artistic, curious, deeply magical, adventurous lover of humans. Most people would describe me as a human golden retriever, heart-centered and filled to the brim with courage.

I’m not a business woman. I’m just a dancer, yogi and someone that incurred enough physical and emotional injuries to get good at learning how to fix them effectively. Despite not having an MBA, I do sincerely enjoy my work, which is helping people come into the fullest and most genuine expressions of themselves! It comes to look quite different — and with vastly more depth and richness to one’s character — than most would expect.

My goal for you isn’t to make you into something you’re not so you’re more palatable for those around you. Rather, my goal is to help you find YOU! And, trust me, as your most fulfilled Self, you’ll be far too radiant to be swallowed up.

Unlike most people, I love trauma. I love the nervous system and how, if/when we master it, we can master our whole lives — this is going to be my TED Talk. Most especially, I love trauma for all the reasons everyone else hates it. It changes us. But it has the power to change us for the better just by committing to doing some inner work. All peace, happiness and progress is an inside job anyway. And YOU have the key to the door. I just get to show you where it is and how to open it.

Here’s a little more about me and my professional background:

Jillian Guinta is a yoga therapist, author and teacher of mind-body science. Hailing from New Jersey, she completed her yoga therapist training with Prema Yoga Institute in New York City as well as a certificate program in Applied Positive Psychology. In addition to her experience teaching courses in trauma-informed yoga and positive psychology mentoring, Jillian holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Seton Hall University where she was named Adjunct Professor of the Year (2015- 2016). She is proud to be a continuing education provider for the Louisiana Board of Social Work Examiners and the National Association of Social Workers New Jersey chapter as well as co-founder of Animal Friends Yoga Retreats, offering international yoga and ethical ecotourism adventures.

“I believe that if you can gain mastery over your nervous system, you can master your entire life. Every person has the capacity to do it… easily, too.”

Credentials & Accolades

Certificate in Yoga Therapy, 1,000-Hours, Prema Yoga Therapeutics, NYC, 2019

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, The Flourishing Center, NYC, 2017

Adjunct Professor of the Year, Seton Hall University, 2015-2016

Experienced Registered 500-Hour Yoga Teacher & Continuing Education Provider, Yoga Alliance, 2016

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, International Sports Science Association, 2008 – 2014

Master of Arts in Education, Seton Hall University, 2013

Assisted Myofascial Release / Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, BTF, 2008

CPR / AED, American Heart Association, 2008 – 2019

Certified Personal Trainer, AAAI / International Sports Medicine Association, 2008