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Nervous System Reboot

Do you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, extreme nervousness or trauma? The key to any lasting change is rehabbing your nervous system!

In this course, I will share with you my most effective yoga therapy tools to correct faulty programming in the system that runs your entire life and how you live it!

Nervous System Reboot is designed to give you access to the science behind how our mind-body can go off kilter and the pathways to bring it back — consider it the foundation for your health. ; )

Via video didactics, I’ll explain why each component was added and how it serves you. Then, you’ll have access to a library of tutorials on breathwork, meditation, and movement sequences specially designed to inspire you out of depression, anchor you to your truth during anxiety, and move trauma patterns out of your body for the relief you’ve been seeking!

This program

includes lifetime access to…

Over 8-hours of science-based interventions from yoga therapy

Didactics on the nervous system, Ayurveda for mental health, using the breath for regulation, forming and breaking neural pathways and what actually happens during meditation

A downloadable workbook

6 pranayama breathwork tutorials

8 specialized movement sequences to address depression, anxiety, chronic pain and chronic as well as post-traumatic stress patterns

2 sleep meditations for insomnia

4 additional meditations for chronic pain reduction, trauma resolution and mental health stability

All for $197

Does your unique body or situation need a little extra support?

Add on two 1-hour private virtual sessions (to be used within two months of purchase) for a total price of $555!

Don’t worry! I got you — 4-month payment plans are available for both packages, just get in touch!